Source code for proplot.ui

#!/usr/bin/env python3
The starting point for creating ProPlot figures.
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from . import figure as pfigure
from . import gridspec as pgridspec
from .internals import ic  # noqa: F401
from .internals import _not_none, _pop_params, docstring

__all__ = [

# Docstrings
_pyplot_docstring = """
This is included so you don't have to import `~matplotlib.pyplot`.
docstring._snippet_manager['ui.pyplot'] = _pyplot_docstring

def _parse_figsize(kwargs):
    Translate `figsize` into proplot-specific `figwidth` and `figheight` keys.
    # WARNING: Cannot have Figure.__init__() interpret figsize() because
    # the figure manager fills it with the matplotlib default.
    figsize = kwargs.pop('figsize', None)
    figwidth = kwargs.pop('figwidth', None)
    figheight = kwargs.pop('figheight', None)
    if figsize is not None:
        figsize_width, figsize_height = figsize
        figwidth = _not_none(figwidth=figwidth, figsize_width=figsize_width)
        figheight = _not_none(figheight=figheight, figsize_height=figsize_height)
    kwargs['figwidth'] = figwidth
    kwargs['figheight'] = figheight

[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def show(*args, **kwargs): """ Call ``. %(ui.pyplot)s Parameters ---------- *args, **kwargs Passed to ``. """ return*args, **kwargs)
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def close(*args, **kwargs): """ Call `matplotlib.pyplot.close`. %(ui.pyplot)s Parameters ---------- *args, **kwargs Passed to `matplotlib.pyplot.close`. """ return plt.close(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def switch_backend(*args, **kwargs): """ Call `matplotlib.pyplot.switch_backend`. %(ui.pyplot)s Parameters ---------- *args, **kwargs Passed to `matplotlib.pyplot.switch_backend`. """ return plt.switch_backend(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def ion(): """ Call `matplotlib.pyplot.ion`. %(ui.pyplot)s """ return plt.ion()
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def ioff(): """ Call `matplotlib.pyplot.ioff`. %(ui.pyplot)s """ return plt.ioff()
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def isinteractive(): """ Call `matplotlib.pyplot.isinteractive`. %(ui.pyplot)s """ return plt.isinteractive()
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def figure(**kwargs): """ Create an empty figure. Subplots can be subsequently added using `~proplot.figure.Figure.add_subplot` or `~proplot.figure.Figure.subplots`. This command is analogous to `matplotlib.pyplot.figure`. Parameters ---------- %(figure.figure)s Other parameters ---------------- **kwargs Passed to `matplotlib.figure.Figure`. See also -------- proplot.ui.subplots proplot.figure.Figure.add_subplot proplot.figure.Figure.subplots proplot.figure.Figure matplotlib.figure.Figure """ _parse_figsize(kwargs) return plt.figure(FigureClass=pfigure.Figure, **kwargs)
[docs]@docstring._snippet_manager def subplots(*args, **kwargs): """ Create a figure with a single subplot or an arbitrary grid of subplots. Uses `figure` and `proplot.figure.Figure.subplots`. This command is analogous to `matplotlib.pyplot.subplots`. Parameters ---------- %(figure.subplots_params)s Other parameters ---------------- %(figure.figure)s **kwargs Passed to `matplotlib.figure.Figure`. Returns ------- fig : `proplot.figure.Figure` The figure instance. axs : `proplot.gridspec.SubplotGrid` The axes instances stored in a `~proplot.gridspec.SubplotGrid`. See also -------- proplot.ui.figure proplot.figure.Figure.subplots proplot.gridspec.SubplotGrid proplot.figure.Figure matplotlib.figure.Figure """ _parse_figsize(kwargs) kw_subplots = _pop_params(kwargs, pfigure.Figure.add_subplots) kw_gridspec = _pop_params(kwargs, pgridspec.GridSpec._update_params) fig = figure(**kwargs) axs = fig.add_subplots(*args, **kw_subplots, **kw_gridspec) return fig, axs