class GeoAxes(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: proplot.axes.plot.PlotAxes

Axes subclass for plotting in geographic projections. Uses either cartopy or basemap as a “backend”.

  • autoextent (bool, optional) – For cartopy axes only. Whether to automatically adjust map bounds based on plotted content or enforce global map extent. Default is rc['cartopy.autoextent'] = False.

  • circular (bool, optional) – For cartopy axes only. Whether to bound polar projections with circles rather than squares. Default is rc['cartopy.circular'] = True.

  • map_projection (Basemap or Projetion) – The cartopy or basemap projection instance.

Other Parameters

*args, **kwargs – Passed to Axes.


This makes “longitude-latitude” coordinates the default for all plotting commands by passing when cartopy is the backend and latlon=True when basemap is the projection. Also, regardless of the backend, plotting is accomplished “cartopy-style” by calling plotting methods on the axes instance. You should not have to work with the Basemap instance directly.

Attributes Summary


The Projection or Basemap instance associated with this axes.

Methods Summary


Modify the longitude and latitude labels, longitude and latitude map limits, geographic features, and more.