Axes.legend(*args, loc=None, width=None, space=None, **kwargs)[source]

Adds an inset legend or outer legend along the edge of the axes. See legend_wrapper for details.

  • loc (int or str, optional) – The legend location or panel location. The following location keys are valid. Note that if a panel does not exist, it will be generated on-the-fly.


    Valid keys

    left panel

    'left', 'l'

    right panel

    'right', 'r'

    bottom panel

    'bottom', 'b'

    top panel

    'top', 't'

    “best” inset

    'best', 'inset', 'i', 0

    upper right inset

    'upper right', 'ur', 1

    upper left inset

    'upper left', 'ul', 2

    lower left inset

    'lower left', 'll', 3

    lower right inset

    'lower right', 'lr', 4

    center left inset

    'center left', 'cl', 5

    center right inset

    'center right', 'cr', 6

    lower center inset

    'lower center', 'lc', 7

    upper center inset

    'upper center', 'uc', 8

    center inset

    'center', 'c', 9

  • width (float or str, optional) – The space allocated for outer legends. This does nothing if rc.tight is True. Units are interpreted by units.

  • space (float or str, optional) – The space between the axes and the legend for outer legends. Units are interpreted by units. When rc.tight is True, this is adjusted automatically. Otherwise, defaut is rc[‘subplots.panelspace’] = '1em'.

Other Parameters

*args, **kwargs – Passed to legend_wrapper.