Axes.context(*, mode=2, rc_kw=None, **kwargs)[source]

For internal use. Sets up temporary rc settings by returning the result of context.

  • rc_kw (dict, optional) – A dictionary containing “rc” configuration settings that will be applied to this axes. Temporarily updates the rc object.

  • **kwargs – Any of three options:

    • A keyword arg for Axes.format, XYAxes.format, or ProjAxes.format.

    • A global “rc” keyword arg, like linewidth or color.

    • A standard “rc” keyword arg with the dots omitted, like landcolor instead of land.color.

    The latter two options update the rc object, just like rc_kw.

Other Parameters

mode (int, optional) – The “getitem mode”. This is used under-the-hood – you shouldn’t have to use it directly. Determines whether queries to the rc object will ignore rcParams. This can help prevent a massive number of unnecessary lookups when the settings haven’t been changed by the user. See rc_configurator for details.


  • rc_configurator – The proplot.rctools.rc object primed for use in a “with” statement.

  • dict – Dictionary of keyword arguments that are not rc properties, to be passed to the format methods.