class XYAxes(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: proplot.axes.Axes

Axes subclass for ordinary 2D cartesian coordinates. Adds several new methods and overrides existing ones.

See also

subplots, Axes

Attributes Summary


The registered projection name.

Methods Summary

altx(*args, **kwargs)

Alias and more intuitive name for twiny.


Alias and more intuitive name for twinx.


Adds post-processing steps before axes is drawn.

dualx(transform[, transform_kw])

Makes a secondary x axis for denoting equivalent x coordinates in alternate units.

dualy(transform[, transform_kw])

Makes a secondary y axis for denoting equivalent y coordinates in alternate units.

format(*[, aspect, xloc, yloc, xspineloc, …])

Calls Axes.format and Axes.context, formats the x and y axis labels, tick locations, tick labels, axis scales, spine settings, and more.

get_tightbbox(renderer, *args, **kwargs)

Adds post-processing steps before tight bounding box is calculated.


Mimics matplotlib’s twinx.


Mimics matplotlib’s twiny.