Add indicators denoting the zoom range of the inset axes. This will replace previously drawn zoom indicators.

  • lw, linewidth, linewidths (unit-spec, optional) – The edge width of the patch(es). Default is rc['patch.linewidth'] = 0.6. If float, units are points. If string, interpreted by units.

  • ls, linestyle, linestyles (str, optional) – The edge style of the patch(es). Default is '-'.

  • ec, edgecolor, edgecolors (color-spec, optional) – The edge color of the patch(es). Default is 'none'.

  • fc, facecolor, facecolors, fillcolor, fillcolors (color-spec, optional) – The face color of the patch(es). Default is to use the property cycle.

  • a, alpha, alphas (float, optional) – The opacity of the patch(es).

  • zorder (float, optional) – The zorder of the indicators. Should be greater than the zorder of elements in the parent axes. Default is 3.5.

Other Parameters

**kwargs – Passed to Patch.


This command must be called from the inset axes rather than the parent axes. It is called automatically when zoom=True is passed to inset_axes and whenever the axes are drawn (so the line positions always track the axis limits even if they are later changed).