class Axes(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.axes._axes.Axes

The lowest-level Axes subclass used by proplot. Implements basic universal features.

  • *args – Passed to matplotlib.axes.Axes.

  • title (str, optional) – The axes title.

  • abc (bool or str, optional) – The “a-b-c” subplot label style. Must contain the character a or A, for example 'a.', or 'A'. If True then the default style of 'a' is used. The a or A is replaced with the alphabetic character matching the number. If number is greater than 26, the characters loop around to a, …, z, aa, …, zz, aaa, …, zzz, etc.

  • abcloc, titleloc (str, optional) – Strings indicating the location for the a-b-c label and main title. The following locations are valid (defaults are rc['abc.loc'] = 'left' and rc['title.loc'] = 'center'):


    Valid keys

    center above axes

    'center', 'c'

    left above axes

    'left', 'l'

    right above axes

    'right', 'r'

    lower center inside axes

    'lower center', 'lc'

    upper center inside axes

    'upper center', 'uc'

    upper right inside axes

    'upper right', 'ur'

    upper left inside axes

    'upper left', 'ul'

    lower left inside axes

    'lower left', 'll'

    lower right inside axes

    'lower right', 'lr'

  • abcborder, titleborder (bool, optional) – Whether to draw a white border around titles and a-b-c labels positioned inside the axes. This can help them stand out on top of artists plotted inside the axes. Defaults are rc['abc.border'] = True and rc['title.border'] = True.

  • abcbbox, titlebbox (bool, optional) – Whether to draw a white bbox around titles and a-b-c labels positioned inside the axes. This can help them stand out on top of artists plotted inside the axes. Defaults are rc['abc.bbox'] = False and rc['title.bbox'] = False.

  • abc_kw, title_kw (dict-like, optional) – Additional settings used to update the a-b-c label and title with text.update().

  • titlepad (float, optional) – The padding for the inner and outer titles and a-b-c labels in arbitrary units (default is points). Default is rc['title.pad'] = 5.0.

  • titleabove (bool, optional) – Whether to try to put outer titles and a-b-c labels above panels, colorbars, or legends that are above the axes. Default is rc['title.above'] = True.

  • abctitlepad (float, optional) – The horizontal padding between the a-b-c label and title when they are in the same location. Default is rc['abc.titlepad'] = 4.0.

  • ltitle, ctitle, rtitle, ultitle, uctitle, urtitle, lltitle, lctitle, lrtitle (str, optional) – Shorthands for the below keywords.

  • lefttitle, centertitle, righttitle, upperlefttitle, uppercentertitle, upperrighttitle, lowerlefttitle, lowercentertitle, lowerrighttitle (str, optoinal) – Additional titles in specific positions. This works as an alternative to the ax.format(title='Title', titleloc=loc) workflow and permits adding more than one title-like label for a single axes.

  • a, alpha, fc, facecolor, ec, edgecolor, lw, linewidth, ls, linestyle (optional) – Additional settings applied to the background patch, and their shorthands. Defaults are rc['axes.alpha'], rc['axes.facecolor'], rc['axes.edgecolor'], rc['axes.linewidth'], and '-', respectively.

Other Parameters
  • rc_mode (int, optional) – The context mode passed to context.

  • rc_kw (dict-like, optional) – An alternative to passing extra keyword arguments. See below.

  • **kwargs – Remaining keyword arguments are passed to matplotlib.axes.Axes.Keyword arguments that match the name of an rc setting are passed to proplot.config.Configurator.context and used to update the axes. If the setting name has “dots” you can simply omit the dots. For example, abc='A.' modifies the setting, titleloc='left' modifies the rc['title.loc'] setting, gridminor=True modifies the rc.gridminor setting, and gridbelow=True modifies the rc['grid.below'] setting. Many of the keyword arguments documented above are internally applied by retrieving settings passed to context.

Attributes Summary


The axes number.

Methods Summary


Add an inset colorbar or an outer colorbar along the edge of the axes.


Modify the a-b-c label, axes title(s), and background patch, and call proplot.figure.Figure.format on the axes figure.


Add indicators denoting the zoom range of the inset axes.

inset(*args, **kwargs)

Add an inset axes.

inset_axes(bounds[, transform, proj, ...])

Add an inset axes.

legend([handles, labels, loc, location, queue])

Add an inset legend or outer legend along the edge of the axes.

panel(*args, **kwargs)

Add a panel axes.

panel_axes(*args, **kwargs)

Add a panel axes.

text(*args[, border, bbox, bordercolor, ...])

Add text to the axes.