ContinuousColormap.cut(cut=None, name=None, left=None, right=None, **kwargs)[source]

Return a version of the colormap with the center “cut out”. This is great for making the transition from “negative” to “positive” in a diverging colormap more distinct.

  • cut (float, optional) – The proportion to cut from the center of the colormap. For example, cut=0.1 cuts the central 10%, or cut=-0.1 fills the ctranl 10% of the colormap with the current central color (usually white).

  • name (str, default: '_name_copy') – The new colormap name.

  • left, right (float, default: 0, 1) – The colormap indices for the “leftmost” and “rightmost” colors. See truncate for details.

  • right (float, optional) – The colormap index for the new “rightmost” color. Must fall between

Other Parameters

**kwargs – Passed to ContinuousColormap.copy or PerceptualColormap.copy.


ContinuousColormap – The colormap.