About the authors



Luke Davis is the project creator and primary contributor as of 2021. He is a PhD candidate at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science who has always been frustrated by repetitive and cumbersome plotting code. As an undergraduate, he developed a set of MATLAB plotting utilities for personal use. When he switched to python in graduate school, he replicated most of these utilities in python, learned more about the language, began to rapidly develop them, and decided to share them with the rest of the scientific community. Luke is also working on a project called climopy, a companion to metpy for carrying out data analysis tasks related to climate science, and has authored a number of vim plugins as an avid vim user.

Riley Brady is the next-biggest contributor. He helped Luke set up automatic testing, deploy this project to PyPi, and improve new user experience. He is also proplot’s earliest user and helped fix lots of early bugs.