Update the gridspec with arbitrary initialization keyword arguments and update the subplot positions.

  • left, right, top, bottom (float or str, optional) – The fixed space between the subplots and the figure edge. Default is None. %(units.em)s If None, the space is determined automatically based on the font size and axis sharing settings. If rc['subplots.tight'] is True, the space is determined by the tight layout algorithm.

  • wequal, hequal, equal (bool, optional) – Whether to make the tight layout algorithm apply equal spacing between columns, rows, or both. Default is False. Ignored if rc.tight is False.

  • outerpad (float or str, optional) – The tight layout padding around edge of figure. Units are interpreted by units. Default is rc['subplots.outerpad'] = 0.5. %(units.em)s

  • innerpad (float or str, optional) – The scalar tight layout padding between columns and rows. Synonymous with pad. Default is rc['subplots.innerpad'] = 1.0. %(units.em)s

  • panelpad (float or str, optional) – The tight layout padding between subplots and axes panels and between “stacked” panels. Default is rc['subplots.panelpad'] = 0.5. %(units.em)s