show_cmaps(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Generate a table of the registered colormaps or the input colormaps categorized by source. Adapted from this example.

  • *args (colormap-spec, optional) – Colormap names or objects.

  • N (int, optional) – The number of levels in each colorbar. Default is rc[‘image.lut’] = 256.

  • unknown (str, optional) – Category name for colormaps that are unknown to ProPlot. The default is 'User'. Set this to False to hide unknown colormaps.

  • categories (list of str, optional) – Category names to be shown in the table. By default, all categories are shown except for 'MATLAB', 'GNUplot', 'GIST', and 'Other'. Use of these colormaps is discouraged, because they contain a variety of non-uniform colormaps (see perceptually uniform colormaps for details).

    Valid categories are 'Grayscale', 'Matplotlib sequential', 'Matplotlib cyclic', 'Seaborn sequential', 'Seaborn diverging', 'ProPlot sequential', 'ProPlot diverging', 'Other diverging', 'cmOcean sequential', 'cmOcean diverging', 'cmOcean cyclic', 'Scientific colour maps sequential', 'Scientific colour maps diverging', 'Scientific colour maps cyclic', 'ColorBrewer2.0 sequential', 'ColorBrewer2.0 diverging', 'SciVisColor blues', 'SciVisColor greens', 'SciVisColor oranges', 'SciVisColor browns', 'SciVisColor reds and purples', 'MATLAB', 'GNUplot', 'GIST', 'Other'.

  • length (float or str, optional) – The length of the colorbars. Units are interpreted by units.

  • width (float or str, optional) – The width of the colorbars. Units are interpreted by units.


Figure – The figure.