show_channels(*args, N=100, saturation=True, rgb=False, minhue=0, maxsat=500, width=100, axwidth=1.7)[source]

Show how arbitrary colormap(s) vary with respect to the hue, chroma, luminance, HSL saturation, and HPL saturation channels, and optionally the red, blue and green channels. Adapted from this example.

  • *args (colormap-spec, optional) – Positional arguments are colormap names or objects. Default is rc[‘image.cmap’] = 'fire'.

  • N (int, optional) – The number of markers to draw for each colormap.

  • rgb (bool, optional) – Whether to also show the red, green, and blue channels in the bottom row. Default is True.

  • saturation (bool, optional) – Whether to show the HSL and HPL saturation channels alongside the raw chroma.

  • minhue (float, optional) – The minimum hue. This lets you rotate the hue plot cyclically.

  • maxsat (float, optional) – The maximum saturation. Use this to truncate large saturation values.

  • width (int, optional) – The width of each colormap line in points.

  • axwidth (int or str, optional) – The width of each subplot. Passed to subplots.


Figure – The figure.