class rc_configurator(local=True)[source]

Bases: object

Magical abstract class for managing matplotlib rcParams and additional ProPlot rcParamsLong and rcParamsShort settings. When initialized, this loads defaults settings plus any user overrides in the ~/.proplotrc file. See the rctools documentation for details.


local (bool, optional) – Whether to load overrides from local and user .proplotrc file(s). Default is True.

Methods Summary


Pass the attribute to __getitem__ and return the result.


Return an rcParams, rcParamsLong, or rcParamsShort setting.

__setattr__(attr, value)

Pass the attribute and value to __setitem__.

__setitem__(key, value)

Modify an rcParams, rcParamsLong, and rcParamsShort setting(s).

category(cat, *[, trimcat, context])

Return a dictionary of settings beginning with the substring cat + '.'.

context(*args[, mode])

Temporarily modify the rc settings in a “with as” block.


Return a raw dictionary of all settings.

fill(props, *[, context])

Return a dictionary filled with settings whose names match the string values in the input dictionary.

get(key, *[, context])

Return a single setting.


Return an iterator that loops over all setting names and values.


Return an iterator that loops over all setting names.


Reset the configurator to its initial state.

update(*args, **kwargs)

Update several settings at once with a dictionary and/or keyword arguments.


Return an iterator that loops over all setting values.