XYAxes.dualx(arg, **kwargs)[source]

Return a secondary x axis for denoting equivalent x coordinates in alternate units.

  • arg (function, (function, function), or ScaleBase) – Used to transform units from the parent axis to the secondary axis. This can be a FuncScale itself or a function, (function, function) tuple, or ScaleBase instance used to generate a FuncScale (see FuncScale for details).

  • label, locator, formatter, ticks, ticklabels, minorlocator, minorticks, tickminor, ticklen, tickrange, tickdir, ticklabeldir, tickrotation, bounds, margin, color, linewidth, grid, gridminor, gridcolor, locator_kw, formatter_kw, minorlocator_kw, label_kw (optional) – Prepended with 'x' and passed to Axes.format.