Axes.parametric(*args, values=None, cmap=None, norm=None, interp=0, **kwargs)[source]

Draw a line whose color changes as a function of the parametric coordinate values using the input colormap cmap. Invoked when you pass the cmap keyword argument to plot.

  • *args ((y,) or (x,y)) – The coordinates. If x is not provided, it is inferred from y.

  • cmap (colormap spec, optional) – The colormap specifier, passed to Colormap.

  • values (list of float) – The parametric values used to map points on the line to colors in the colormap.

  • norm (normalizer spec, optional) – The normalizer, passed to Norm.

  • interp (int, optional) – If greater than 0, we interpolate to additional points between the values coordinates. The number corresponds to the number of additional color levels between the line joints and the halfway points between line joints.


LineCollection – The parametric line. See this matplotlib example.