SubplotGrid.alty(*args, **kwargs)

Add an axes locked to the same location with a distinct y axis for every axes in the grid. This is an alias and possibly more intuitive name for twinx, which generates two y axes with a shared (“twin”) x axes.


**kwargs – Passed to CartesianAxes. Supports all valid format keywords. You can optionally omit the y from keywords beginning with y – for example ax.alty(lim=(0, 10)) is equivalent to ax.alty(ylim=(0, 10)). You can also change the default side for the axis spine, axis tick marks, axis tick labels, and/or axis labels by passing loc keywords. For example, ax.alty(loc='left') changes the default side from right to left.


proplot.axes.CartesianAxes – The resulting axes.


This enforces the following default settings:

  • Places the old y axis on the left and the new y axis on the right.

  • Makes the old right spine invisible and the new left, bottom, and top spines invisible.

  • Adjusts the y axis tick, tick label, and axis label positions according to the visible spine positions.

  • Syncs the old and new x axis limits and scales, and makes the new x axis labels invisible.