show_colors(*, nhues=17, minsat=10, unknown='User', include=None, ignore=None)[source]

Generate tables of the registered color names. Adapted from this example.

  • nhues (int, optional) – The number of breaks between hues for grouping “like colors” in the color table.

  • minsat (float, optional) – The threshold saturation, between 0 and 100, for designating “gray colors” in the color table.

  • unknown (str, optional) – Category name for color names that are unknown to proplot. The default is 'User'. Set this to False to hide unknown color names.

  • include (str or sequence of str, optional) – Category names to be shown in the table. Use this to limit the table to a subset of categories. Valid categories are 'base', 'css4', 'opencolor', 'xkcd'.

  • ignore (str or sequence of str, optional) – Used only if include was not passed. Category names to be removed from the colormap table. Default is 'CSS4'.