register_cmaps(*args, user=None, default=False)[source]

Register named colormaps. This is called on import.

  • *args (path-spec or ContinuousColormap, optional) – The colormaps to register. These can be file paths containing RGB data or ContinuousColormap instances. By default, if positional arguments are passed, then user is set to False.

    Valid file extensions are listed in the below table. Note that colormaps are registered according to their filenames – for example, will be registered as 'name'.




    JSON database of the channel segment data.


    Comma-delimited list of HEX strings.

    .rgb, .txt

    3-4 column table of channel values.

  • user (bool, optional) – Whether to reload colormaps from user_folder. Default is False if positional arguments were passed and True otherwise.

  • default (bool, optional) – Whether to reload the default colormaps packaged with proplot. Default is always False.