classmethod PerceptualColormap.from_hsl(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Make a PerceptualColormap by specifying the hue, saturation, and luminance transitions individually.

  • space ({'hsl', 'hpl', 'hcl', 'hsv'}, optional) – The hue, saturation, luminance-style colorspace to use for interpreting the channels. See this page for a full description.

  • name (str, default: '_no_name') – The colormap name. This can also be passed as the first positional string argument.

  • ratios (sequence of float, optional) – Relative extents of each color transition. Must have length len(colors) - 1. Larger numbers indicate a slower transition, smaller numbers indicate a faster transition. For example, luminance=(100, 50, 0) with ratios=(2, 1) results in a colormap with the transition from luminance 100 to 50 taking twice as long as the transition from luminance 50 to 0.

  • h, s, l, a, c – Shorthands for hue, saturation, luminance, alpha, and chroma.

  • hue (float or color-spec or sequence, default: 0) – Hue channel value or sequence of values. The shorthand keyword h is also acceptable. Values can be any of the following.

    1. Numbers, within the range 0 to 360 for hue and 0 to 100 for saturation and luminance.

    2. Color string names or hex strings, in which case the channel value for that color is looked up.

  • saturation (float or color-spec or sequence, default: 50) – As with hue, but for the saturation channel.

  • luminance (float or color-spec or sequence, default: :class:`(100`, :class:`20)`) – As with hue, but for the luminance channel.

  • alpha (float or color-spec or sequence, default: 1) – As with hue, but for the alpha (opacity) channel.

  • chroma – Alias for saturation.

Other Parameters

**kwargs – Passed to PerceptualColormap.


PerceptualColormap – The colormap.