class PolarAxes(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: proplot.axes.shared._SharedAxes, proplot.axes.plot.PlotAxes, matplotlib.projections.polar.PolarAxes

Axes subclass for plotting in polar coordinates. Adds the format method and overrides several existing methods.


This axes subclass can be used by passing proj='polar' to axes-creation commands like add_axes, add_subplot, and subplots.

  • r0 (float, optional) – The radial origin. Default is 0.

  • theta0 ({'N', 'NW', 'W', 'SW', 'S', 'SE', 'E', 'NE'}) – The zero azimuth location. Default is N.

  • thetadir ({1, -1, 'anticlockwise', 'counterclockwise', 'clockwise'}, optional) – The positive azimuth direction. Clockwise corresponds to -1 and anticlockwise corresponds to 1. Default is 1.

  • thetamin, thetamax (float, optional) – The lower and upper azimuthal bounds in degrees. If thetamax != thetamin + 360, this produces a sector plot.

  • thetalim (2-tuple of float or None, optional) – Specifies thetamin and thetamax at once.

  • rmin, rmax (float, optional) – The inner and outer radial limits. If r0 != rmin, this produces an annular plot.

  • rlim (2-tuple of float or None, optional) – Specifies rmin and rmax at once.

  • rborder (bool, optional) – Whether to draw the polar axes border. Visibility of the “inner” radial spine and “start” and “end” azimuthal spines is controlled automatically by matplotlib.

  • thetagrid, rgrid, grid (bool, optional) – Whether to draw major gridlines for the azimuthal and radial axis. Use grid to toggle both.

  • thetagridminor, rgridminor, gridminor (bool, optional) – Whether to draw minor gridlines for the azimuthal and radial axis. Use gridminor to toggle both.

  • thetalocator, rlocator (locator-spec, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial gridline positions. Passed to the Locator constructor. Can be float, list of float, string, or matplotlib.ticker.Locator instance.

  • thetalines, rlines – Aliases for thetalocator, rlocator.

  • thetalocator_kw, rlocator_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial locator settings. Passed to Locator.

  • thetaminorlocator, rminorlocator (optional) – As for thetalocator, rlocator, but for the minor gridlines.

  • thetaminorticks, rminorticks (optional) – Aliases for thetaminorlocator, rminorlocator.

  • thetaminorlocator_kw, rminorlocator_kw – As for thetalocator_kw, rlocator_kw, but for the minor locator.

  • rlabelpos (float, optional) – The azimuth at which radial coordinates are labeled.

  • thetaformatter, rformatter (formatter-spec, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial label format. Passed to the Formatter constructor. Can be string, list of string, or matplotlib.ticker.Formatter instance. Use [], 'null', or 'none' for no labels.

  • thetalabels, rlabels (optional) – Aliases for thetaformatter, rformatter.

  • thetaformatter_kw, rformatter_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial label formatter settings. Passed to Formatter.

  • labelpad (unit-spec, optional) – The padding between the axes edge and the radial and azimuthal labels. Default is rc['grid.labelpad']. If float, units are points. If string, interpreted by units.

  • color (color-spec, optional) – Color for the axes edge. Propagates to gridlabelcolor unless specified otherwise (similar to proplot.axes.CartesianAxes.format).

  • thetagridcolor, rgridcolor, gridcolor (color-spec, optional) – Color for the major and minor azimuthal and radial gridlines. Use gridcolor to set both at once.

  • gridlabelcolor (color-spec, optional) – Color for the grid labels. Inherits from color by default.

  • *args, **kwargs – Passed to proplot.axes.Axes.

Other Parameters
  • title (str, optional) – The axes title.

  • abc (bool or str, optional) – The “a-b-c” subplot label style. Must contain the character a or A, for example 'a.', or 'A'. If True then the default style of 'a' is used. The a or A is replaced with the alphabetic character matching the number. If number is greater than 26, the characters loop around to a, …, z, aa, …, zz, aaa, …, zzz, etc.

  • abcloc, titleloc (str, optional) – Strings indicating the location for the a-b-c label and main title. The following locations are valid (defaults are rc['abc.loc'] = 'left' and rc['title.loc'] = 'center'):


    Valid keys

    center above axes

    'center', 'c'

    left above axes

    'left', 'l'

    right above axes

    'right', 'r'

    lower center inside axes

    'lower center', 'lc'

    upper center inside axes

    'upper center', 'uc'

    upper right inside axes

    'upper right', 'ur'

    upper left inside axes

    'upper left', 'ul'

    lower left inside axes

    'lower left', 'll'

    lower right inside axes

    'lower right', 'lr'

  • abcborder, titleborder (bool, optional) – Whether to draw a white border around titles and a-b-c labels positioned inside the axes. This can help them stand out on top of artists plotted inside the axes. Defaults are rc['abc.border'] = True and rc['title.border'] = True.

  • abcbbox, titlebbox (bool, optional) – Whether to draw a white bbox around titles and a-b-c labels positioned inside the axes. This can help them stand out on top of artists plotted inside the axes. Defaults are rc['abc.bbox'] = False and rc['title.bbox'] = False.

  • abc_kw, title_kw (dict-like, optional) – Additional settings used to update the a-b-c label and title with text.update().

  • titlepad (float, optional) – The padding for the inner and outer titles and a-b-c labels in arbitrary units (default is points). Default is rc['title.pad'] = 5.0.

  • titleabove (bool, optional) – Whether to try to put outer titles and a-b-c labels above panels, colorbars, or legends that are above the axes. Default is rc['title.above'] = True.

  • abctitlepad (float, optional) – The horizontal padding between the a-b-c label and title when they are in the same location. Default is rc['abc.titlepad'] = 4.0.

  • ltitle, ctitle, rtitle, ultitle, uctitle, urtitle, lltitle, lctitle, lrtitle (str, optional) – Shorthands for the below keywords.

  • lefttitle, centertitle, righttitle, upperlefttitle, uppercentertitle, upperrighttitle, lowerlefttitle, lowercentertitle, lowerrighttitle (str, optoinal) – Additional titles in specific positions. This works as an alternative to the ax.format(title='Title', titleloc=loc) workflow and permits adding more than one title-like label for a single axes.

  • a, alpha, fc, facecolor, ec, edgecolor, lw, linewidth, ls, linestyle (optional) – Additional settings applied to the background patch, and their shorthands. Defaults are rc['axes.alpha'], rc['axes.facecolor'], rc['axes.edgecolor'], rc['axes.linewidth'], and '-', respectively.

  • rc_mode (int, optional) – The context mode passed to context.

  • rc_kw (dict-like, optional) – An alternative to passing extra keyword arguments. See below.

  • **kwargs – Passed to proplot.config.Configurator.context and used to update the axes-relevant rc settings. For example, abc='A.' modifies the rc.abc setting, titleloc='left' modifies the rc['title.loc'] setting, gridminor=True modifies the rc.gridminor setting, and gridbelow=True modifies the rc['grid.below'] setting. Many of the keyword arguments documented above are actually applied by updating the rc settings then retrieving the updated settings.

Methods Summary


Modify axes limits, radial and azimuthal gridlines, and more.