Figure.format(axs=None, figtitle=None, suptitle=None, suptitle_kw=None, llabels=None, leftlabels=None, leftlabels_kw=None, rlabels=None, rightlabels=None, rightlabels_kw=None, blabels=None, bottomlabels=None, bottomlabels_kw=None, tlabels=None, toplabels=None, toplabels_kw=None, rowlabels=None, collabels=None, **kwargs)[source]

Call the format command for the input axes or for every subplot in the figure.

  • axs (list of axes, optional) – The list of axes. By default every subplot is used.

  • %()

Other Parameters
  • %(axes.rc)s

  • **kwargs – Passed to the format command of each axes.