classmethod PerceptualColormap.from_list(*args, adjust_grays=True, **kwargs)[source]

Make a PerceptualColormap from a list of colors.

  • colors (list of color-spec or float, color-spec tuples) – If list of RGB[A] tuples or color strings, the colormap transitions evenly from colors[0] at the left-hand side to colors[-1] at the right-hand side.

    If list of (float, color-spec) tuples, the float values are the coordinate of each transition and must range from 0 to 1. This can be used to divide the colormap range unevenly.

  • name (str, optional) – The colormap name. This can also be passed as the first positional string argument. Default is '_no_name'.

  • ratios (list of float, optional) – Relative extents of each color transition. Must have length len(colors) - 1. Larger numbers indicate a slower transition, smaller numbers indicate a faster transition. For example, ('red', 'blue', 'green') with ratios=(2, 1) creates a colormap with the transition from red to blue taking twice as long as the transition from blue to green.

  • adjust_grays (bool, optional) – Whether to adjust the hues of grayscale colors (including 'white' and 'black') to the hues of the preceding and subsequent colors in the list. This facilitates the construction of diverging colormaps with monochromatic segments using input like PerceptualColormap.from_list(['blueish', 'white', 'reddish']).

Other Parameters

**kwargs – Passed to PerceptualColormap.


PerceptualColormap – The colormap.