PolarAxes.format(*args, r0=None, theta0=None, thetadir=None, thetamin=None, thetamax=None, thetalim=None, rmin=None, rmax=None, rlim=None, rlabelpos=None, rscale=None, rborder=None, thetalocator=None, rlocator=None, thetalines=None, rlines=None, thetaformatter=None, rformatter=None, thetalabels=None, rlabels=None, thetalocator_kw=None, rlocator_kw=None, thetaformatter_kw=None, rformatter_kw=None, patch_kw=None, **kwargs)[source]

Modify radial gridline locations, gridline labels, limits, and more. Unknown keyword arguments are passed to Axes.format and context. All theta arguments are specified in degrees, not radians. The below parameters are specific to PolarAxes.

  • r0 (float, optional) – The radial origin.

  • theta0 ({‘N’, ‘NW’, ‘W’, ‘SW’, ‘S’, ‘SE’, ‘E’, ‘NE’}) – The zero azimuth location.

  • thetadir ({1, -1, ‘anticlockwise’, ‘counterclockwise’, ‘clockwise’}, optional) – The positive azimuth direction. Clockwise corresponds to -1 and anticlockwise corresponds to 1. Default is 1.

  • thetamin, thetamax (float, optional) – The lower and upper azimuthal bounds in degrees. If thetamax != thetamin + 360, this produces a sector plot.

  • thetalim ((float, float), optional) – Specifies thetamin and thetamax at once.

  • rmin, rmax (float, optional) – The inner and outer radial limits. If r0 != rmin, this produces an annular plot.

  • rlim ((float, float), optional) – Specifies rmin and rmax at once.

  • rborder (bool, optional) – Toggles the polar axes border on and off. Visibility of the “inner” radial spine and “start” and “end” azimuthal spines is controlled automatically be matplotlib.

  • thetalocator, rlocator (float or list of float, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial gridline positions. Passed to the Locator constructor. Can be float, list of float, string, or matplotlib.ticker.Locator instance.

  • thetalines, rlines – Aliases for thetalocator, rlocator.

  • thetalocator_kw, rlocator_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial locator settings. Passed to Locator.

  • rlabelpos (float, optional) – The azimuth at which radial coordinates are labeled.

  • thetaformatter, rformatter (formatter spec, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial label format. Passed to the Formatter constructor. Can be string, list of string, or matplotlib.ticker.Formatter instance. Use [] or 'null' for no ticks.

  • thetalabels, rlabels (optional) – Aliases for thetaformatter, rformatter.

  • thetaformatter_kw, rformatter_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial label formatter settings. Passed to Formatter.

  • patch_kw (dict-like, optional) – Keyword arguments used to update the background patch. This can be used e.g. to apply background hatching with patch_kw={'hatch': 'xxx'}.

Other Parameters
  • rc_kw (dict, optional) – Dictionary containing rc settings applied to this axes using context.

  • **kwargs – Passed to Axes.format or passed to context and used to update axes rc settings. For example, abcstyle='A.' modifies the rc[‘abc.style’] setting.