to_rgba(color, space='rgb', cycle=None)[source]

Translate the color in any format and from any colorspace to an RGB tuple. This is a generalization of matplotlib.colors.to_rgba and the inverse of to_xyza.

  • color (str, 3-tuple, or 4-tuple) – The color specification. Can be a tuple of channel values, a hex string, a registered color name, a cycle color like 'C0', or a colormap color (see ColorDatabase).

    If space is 'rgb', this is a tuple of RGB values, and if any channels are larger than 2, the channels are assumed to be on the 0 to 255 scale and are divided by 255.

  • space ({‘rgb’, ‘hsv’, ‘hcl’, ‘hpl’, ‘hsl’}, optional) – The colorspace for the input channel values. Ignored unless color is a tuple of numbers.

  • cycle (str or list, optional) – The registered color cycle name used to interpret colors that look like 'C0', 'C1', etc. Default is rc.cycle = 'colorblind'.


color (4-tuple) – An RGBA tuple.

See also

to_rgb(), to_xyza()