Figure.auto_layout(renderer=None, resize=None, aspect=None, tight=None)[source]

Trigger proplot’s automatic figure size and tight layout algorithm. This is triggered automatically when the figure is drawn but is also documented here for pedagogical purposes.

  • renderer (RendererBase, optional) – The renderer. If None a default renderer will be produced.

  • resize (bool, optional) – If False, the current figure dimensions are fixed and automatic figure resizing is disabled. This is set to False if the current backend is the interactive ipython notebook backend, which cannot handle automatic resizing. By default, the figure size may change unless both width and height or figsize were passed to subplots, set_size_inches was called by the user at any point, or the user manually resized the figure window with an interactive backend.

  • aspect (bool, optional) – Whether to make figure size adjustments based on the aspect ratios of subplots. By default, this is True.

  • tight (bool, optional) – Whether to make figure size adjustments and gridspec spacing adjustments to produce a “tight layout”. By default, this takes on the value of tight passed to Figure.