RcConfigurator.save(path=None, user=True, comment=None, backup=True, description=False)[source]

Save the current settings to a .proplotrc file. This writes the default values commented out plus the values that differ from the defaults at the top of the file.

  • path (str, optional) – The path name. The default file name is .proplotrc and the default directory is the home directory. Use path='' to save to the current directory.

  • user (bool, optional) – If True (the default), the settings you changed since importing proplot are shown uncommented at the very top of the file.

  • backup (bool, optional) – If the file already exists and this is set to True, it is moved to a backup file with the suffix .bak.

  • comment (bool, optional) – Whether to comment out the default settings. Default is the value of user.

  • description (bool, optional) – Whether to include descriptions of each setting as comments. Default is False.