violinplot_wrapper(self, func, *args, lw=None, linewidth=None, fillcolor=None, edgecolor='black', fillalpha=0.7, orientation=None, **kwargs)[source]

Adds convenient keyword arguments and changes the default violinplot style to match this matplotlib example. It is also no longer possible to show minima and maxima with whiskers – while this is useful for boxplots it is redundant for violinplots.


This function wraps violinplot

  • *args (1D or 2D ndarray) – The data array.

  • lw, linewidth (float, optional) – The linewidth of the line objects. Default is 1.

  • edgecolor (color-spec, optional) – The edge color for the violin patches. Default is 'black'.

  • fillcolor (color-spec, optional) – The violin plot fill color. Default is the next color cycler color.

  • fillalpha (float, optional) – The opacity of the violins. Default is 1.

  • vert (bool, optional) – If False, box plots are drawn horizontally.

  • orientation ({None, ‘horizontal’, ‘vertical’}, optional) – Alternative to the native vert keyword arg. Controls orientation.

  • boxrange, barrange ((float, float), optional) – Percentile ranges for the thick and thin central bars. The defaults are (25, 75) and (5, 95), respectively.

Other Parameters

**kwargs – Passed to violinplot.