Axes.panel_axes(side, **kwargs)[source]

Return a panel axes drawn along the edge of this axes.

  • ax (Axes) – The axes for which we are drawing a panel.

  • width (float or str or list thereof, optional) – The panel width. Units are interpreted by units. Default is rc[‘subplots.panelwidth’] = '4em'.

  • space (float or str or list thereof, optional) – Empty space between the main subplot and the panel. When rc.tight is True, this is adjusted automatically. Otherwise, the default is rc[‘subplots.panelpad’] = '0.5em'.

  • share (bool, optional) – Whether to enable axis sharing between the x and y axes of the main subplot and the panel long axes for each panel in the stack. Sharing between the panel short axis and other panel short axes is determined by figure-wide sharex and sharey settings.


Axes – The panel axes.