violinplot_wrapper(self, func, *args, lw=None, linewidth=0.7, fillcolor=None, edgecolor='k', fillalpha=0.7, orientation=None, **kwargs)[source]

Wraps violinplot, adds convenient keyword args. Makes the style shown in right plot of this matplotlib example the default. It is also no longer possible to show minima and maxima with whiskers, because this is redundant.

  • *args (1D or 2D ndarray) – The data array.

  • lw, linewidth (float, optional) – The linewidth of the line objects. Default is 1.

  • edgecolor (color-spec, optional) – The edge color for the violin patches. Default is 'k'.

  • fillcolor (color-spec, optional) – The violin plot fill color. Default is the next color cycler color.

  • fillalpha (float, optional) – The opacity of the violins. Default is 1.

  • orientation ({None, ‘horizontal’, ‘vertical’}, optional) – Alternative to the native vert keyword arg. Controls orientation.

  • boxrange, barrange ((float, float), optional) – Percentile ranges for the thick and thin central bars. The defaults are (25, 75) and (5, 95), respectively.