Axes.indicate_inset_zoom(alpha=None, lw=None, linewidth=None, zorder=3.5, color=None, edgecolor=None, **kwargs)[source]

Draw lines indicating the zoom range of the inset axes. This is similar to the builtin indicate_inset_zoom except lines are refreshed at draw-time. This is also called automatically when zoom=True is passed to inset_axes. Note this method must be called from the inset axes and not the parent axes.

  • alpha (float, optional) – The transparency of the zoom box fill.

  • lw, linewidth (float, optional) – The width of the zoom lines and box outline in points.

  • color, edgecolor (color-spec, optional) – The color of the zoom lines and box outline.

  • zorder (float, optional) – The zorder of the axes, should be greater than the zorder of elements in the parent axes. Default is 3.5.

  • **kwargs – Passed to indicate_inset.