ProjAxes.format(*, lonlim=None, latlim=None, boundinglat=None, grid=None, lonlines=None, lonlocator=None, latlines=None, latlocator=None, latmax=None, labels=None, latlabels=None, lonlabels=None, patch_kw=None, **kwargs)[source]

Calls Axes.format and Axes.context, formats the meridian and parallel labels, longitude and latitude map limits, geographic features, and more.

  • lonlim, latlim ((float, float), optional) – Longitude and latitude limits of projection, applied with set_extent. For cartopy axes only.

  • boundinglat (float, optional) – The edge latitude for the circle bounding North Pole and South Pole-centered projections. For cartopy axes only.

  • grid (bool, optional) – Toggles meridian and parallel gridlines on and off. Default is rc.geogrid = True.

  • lonlines, latlines (float or list of float, optional) – If float, indicates the spacing of meridian and parallel gridlines. Otherwise, must be a list of floats indicating specific meridian and parallel gridlines to draw.

  • lonlocator, latlocator (optional) – Aliases for lonlines, latlines.

  • latmax (float, optional) – The maximum absolute latitude for meridian gridlines. Default is rc[‘geogrid.latmax’] = 90.

  • labels (bool, optional) – Toggles meridian and parallel gridline labels on and off. Default is rc[‘geogrid.labels’] = False.

  • lonlabels, latlabels – Whether to label longitudes and latitudes, and on which sides of the map. There are four different options:

    1. Boolean True. Indicates left side for latitudes, bottom for longitudes.

    2. A string, e.g. 'lr' or 'bt'.

    3. A boolean (left,right) tuple for longitudes, (bottom,top) for latitudes.

    4. A boolean (left,right,bottom,top) tuple as in the drawmeridians and drawparallels methods.

  • land, ocean, coast, rivers, lakes, borders, innerborders (bool, optional) – Toggles various geographic features. These are actually the, rc.ocean, rc.coast, rc.rivers, rc.lakes, rc.borders, and rc.innerborders settings passed to context. The style can be modified by passing additional settings, e.g. rc.landcolor.

  • patch_kw (dict-like, optional) – Keyword arguments used to update the background patch object. You can use this, for example, to set background hatching with patch_kw={'hatch':'xxx'}.

  • **kwargs – Passed to Axes.format and Axes.context.