PolarAxes.format(*args, r0=None, theta0=None, thetadir=None, thetamin=None, thetamax=None, thetalim=None, rmin=None, rmax=None, rlim=None, rlabelpos=None, rscale=None, rborder=None, thetalocator=None, rlocator=None, thetalines=None, rlines=None, thetaformatter=None, rformatter=None, thetalabels=None, rlabels=None, thetalocator_kw=None, rlocator_kw=None, thetaformatter_kw=None, rformatter_kw=None, **kwargs)[source]

Calls Axes.format and Axes.context, formats radial gridline locations, gridline labels, limits, and more. All theta arguments are specified in degrees, not radians. The below parameters are specific to PolarAxes.

  • r0 (float, optional) – The radial origin.

  • theta0 ({‘N’, ‘NW’, ‘W’, ‘SW’, ‘S’, ‘SE’, ‘E’, ‘NE’}) – The zero azimuth location.

  • thetadir ({-1, 1, ‘clockwise’, ‘anticlockwise’, ‘counterclockwise’}, optional) – The positive azimuth direction. Clockwise corresponds to -1 and anticlockwise corresponds to -1. Default is -1.

  • thetamin, thetamax (float, optional) – The lower and upper azimuthal bounds in degrees. If thetamax != thetamin + 360, this produces a sector plot.

  • thetalim ((float, float), optional) – Specifies thetamin and thetamax at once.

  • rmin, rmax (float, optional) – The inner and outer radial limits. If r0 != rmin, this produces an annular plot.

  • rlim ((float, float), optional) – Specifies rmin and rmax at once.

  • rborder (bool, optional) – Toggles the polar axes border on and off. Visibility of the “inner” radial spine and “start” and “end” azimuthal spines is controlled automatically be matplotlib.

  • thetalocator, rlocator (float or list of float, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial gridline positions. Passed to the Locator constructor.

  • thetalines, rlines – Aliases for thetalocator, rlocator.

  • thetalocator_kw, rlocator_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial locator settings. Passed to Locator.

  • rlabelpos (float, optional) – The azimuth at which radial coordinates are labeled.

  • thetaformatter, rformatter (formatter spec, optional) – Used to determine the azimuthal and radial label format. Passed to the Formatter constructor. Use [] or 'null' for no ticks.

  • thetalabels, rlabels (optional) – Aliases for thetaformatter, rformatter.

  • thetaformatter_kw, rformatter_kw (dict-like, optional) – The azimuthal and radial label formatter settings. Passed to Formatter.

  • **kwargs – Passed to Axes.format and Axes.context