standardize_1d(self, func, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Wraps parametric, plot, scatter, bar, hist, boxplot, violinplot, fill_between, fill_betweenx, pie, stem, step, and hexbin, standardizes acceptable positional args and optionally modifies the x axis label, y axis label, title, and axis ticks if a DataArray, DataFrame, or Series is passed.

Positional args are standardized as follows.

  • If a 2D array is passed, the corresponding plot command is called for each column of data (except for boxplot and violinplot, in which case each column is interpreted as a distribution).

  • If x and y or latitude and longitude coordinates were not provided, and a DataFrame or DataArray, we try to infer them from the metadata. Otherwise, np.arange(0, data.shape[0]) is used.