class subplot_grid(objs, n=1, order='C')[source]

Bases: list

List subclass and pseudo-2D array that is used as a container for the list of axes returned by subplots, lists of figure panels, and lists of stacked axes panels. The shape of the array is stored in the shape attribute. See the __getattr__ and __getitem__ methods for details.

  • objs (list-like) – 1D iterable of Axes instances.

  • n (int, optional) – The length of the fastest-moving dimension, i.e. the number of columns when order is 'C', and the number of rows when order is 'F'. Used to treat lists as pseudo-2D arrays.

  • order ({‘C’, ‘F’}, optional) – Whether 1D indexing returns results in row-major (C-style) or column-major (Fortran-style) order, respectively. Used to treat lists as pseudo-2D arrays.

Methods Summary


If the attribute is callable, returns a dummy function that loops through each identically named method, calls them in succession, and returns a tuple of the results.


If an integer is passed, the item is returned, and if a slice is passed, an subplot_grid of the items is returned.

__setitem__(key, value)

Pseudo immutability.