LinearSegmentedColormap.concatenate(*args, ratios=1, name=None, **kwargs)[source]

Appends arbitrary colormaps onto this one.

  • *args – Instances of LinearSegmentedColormap.

  • ratios (list of float, optional) – Relative extent of each component colormap in the merged colormap. Length must equal len(args) + 1.

    For example, cmap1.concatenate(cmap2, ratios=[2,1]) generates a colormap with the left two-thrids containing colors from cmap1 and the right one-third containing colors from cmap2.

  • name (str, optional) – The colormap name. Default is '_'.join( for cmap in args).

  • N (int, optional) – Number of points in the colormap lookup table. Default is rc[‘image.lut’] = 256 times len(args).

  • **kwargs – Passed to LinearSegmentedColormap.updated or PerceptuallyUniformColormap.updated.