ipython_matplotlib(backend=None, fmt=None)[source]

Set up the matplotlib backend for ipython sessions and apply the following %config InlineBackend magic commands.

%config InlineBackend.figure_formats = fmt
%config InlineBackend.rc = {}  # never override my rc settings!
%config InlineBackend.close_figures = True  # memory issues
%config InlineBackend.print_figure_kwargs = {'bbox_inches': None}  # we use our own tight layout algorithm

This must be called before drawing any figures! For some ipython sessions (e.g. terminals) the backend can only be changed by adding matplotlib: backend to your .proplotrc file. See Configuring proplot for details.

  • backend (str, optional) – The backend name. Use 'auto' to apply %matplotlib inline for notebooks and %matplotlib qt for all other sessions.

  • fmt (str or list of str, optional) – The inline backend file format(s). Valid formats include 'jpg', 'png', 'svg', 'pdf', and 'retina'. This is ignored for non-inline backends.