class SineLatitudeScale[source]

Bases: proplot.axistools._ScaleBase, matplotlib.scale.ScaleBase

Scales axis to be linear in the sine of x in degrees. The scale function is as follows.

\[y = \sin(\pi x/180)\]

The inverse scale function is as follows.

\[x = 180\arcsin(y)/\pi\]

Construct a new scale.


The following note is for scale implementors.

For back-compatibility reasons, scales take an Axis object as first argument. However, this argument should not be used: a single scale object should be usable by multiple Axises at the same time.

Attributes Summary


The registered scale name.

Methods Summary

limit_range_for_scale(vmin, vmax, minpos)

Returns the range vmin and vmax limited to some range within +/-90 degrees (inclusive).