class rc_configurator[source]

Bases: object

Magical abstract class for managing matplotlib rcParams settings, ProPlot rcParamsLong settings, and rcParamsShort “global” settings. This starts with the default settings plus user .proplotrc overrides. See Configuring proplot for details.

Methods Summary


Invoke __getitem__ so that rc.key is identical to rc[key].


Get rcParams, rcParamsLong, and rcParamsShort settings.

__setattr__(attr, value)

Invoke __setitem__ so that rc.key = value is identical to rc[key] = value.

__setitem__(key, value)

Set rcParams, rcParamsLong, and rcParamsShort settings.

category(cat[, cache])

Returns a dictionary of settings belonging to the indicated category, i.e.

context(*args[, mode])

Temporarily modifies settings in a with...as block, used by ProPlot internally but may also be useful for power users.

fill(props[, cache])

Returns a dictionary filled with rc settings, used internally to build dictionaries for updating Artist instances.

get(key[, cache])

Returns a setting.


Restores settings to the initial state – ProPlot defaults, plus any user overrides in the ~/.proplotrc file.

update(*args, **kwargs)

Bulk updates settings, usage is similar to python dict objects.